American Sign Language Online

American Sign Language is how we are able to communicate with those who have hearing problems. While some deaf children and adults may learn to read lips it makes them more comfortable if you are able to communicate more easily through sign. For those who are interested in learning American Sign Language there are several avenues for you to choose from. One of the best resources is going to be researching American Sign Language online. There are many places you can go online to learn how to sign. You will find that not only are you able to learn the sign language, but you are able to find individuals to practice sign language with as well as gain credit for the courses.

One of the most helpful places to study American Sign Language online is going to be the ASL University. Dr Bill Vicars has allowed for many students to take his courses for free to enable them to learn more about the language. The online resources that we have today allow us to get a better understanding of those around us and in our own time. Some colleges or high schools offer classes on ASL, but when you have a course of study already it can be more difficult to take these courses. With online web tools such as the University you are able to fit the class into your life rather than trying to fit a class in around your schedule. Teachers, students, and parents are able to find the information they need on the sign language to help them work with individuals in their lives.

Sign language has existed since the seventeenth century, but it wasn't until the nineteenth century that schools were opened in America creating the style of Sign Language we have today. It should be no surprise that some of the signs have been based on the Native American sign language. While their system doesn't exist to the extent it did in the past, some of the signs they had are still used in our language today. Sign language is a form of language that uses hand symbols and letters to impart words that are usually spoken. It allows a person with hearing problems or deafness to speak without having to learn to speak. Often times learning a language is based on how the word sounds to us. With deaf individuals they cannot hear the sounds the letters and words make, which makes it difficult to speak for others to understand. Sign language allows individuals to converse in an easier way. Often times you will find when studying American Sign Language that there are hand movements that will encompass an entire word rather than having to spell out the word you are trying to say.

When you learn American Sign Language online you are not only learning the letters of the alphabet, but a more in depth view of the language by learning words that describe an object or feeling. In other words to say "I love you" you need to know the hand gestures of the phrase rather than spelling out the entire phrase. Visit ASL University today and start to explore this rich language.


Quick ASL Tip #1

Don't be intimidated. Often people are intimidated by having to understand signs instead of spoken words. Just relax and remember that as you become more proficient at it you will get quicker at recognising the signs and even recognising signs that you don't know the meaning of so that you can ask the signer what it means.

Quick ASL Tip #2

Get out and meet some people. This may seem trivial but you will learn a lot faster if you can get out there and start to communicate with real people using ASL. By having them correct you and watching what they do you will accelerate your learning.

Quick ASL Tip #3

Take your time. Nobody learns anything instantly, as you see the signs repeatedly they will start to embed themselves in your mind and you will start to recognise them. Stick at it and make sure you focus on what you are learning to get the best results, also remember that practice makes perfect!